We specialise in caring, kind and compassionate training of all horses. The team at Harrington Horses has many years experience in breaking young horses and references are available upon request.

Education is just as valuable to horses as it is to humans and we provide it in a calm manor allowing the horse to familiarize itself with the working world. We understand that each horse is an individual who will respond differently to their education, with this in mind all of our breaking plans are adaptable. As a rough guide it normally takes 3 - 4 weeks to have the horse broken to saddle (walk / trot / cantering around the ménage). Further training can be provided to take the horse to the owners desired level of education.

At the appropriate stage and where possible owners are encouraged to come and interact / ride their horse to enable them to understand their horses routine. We keep the horses in a regular routine that can be maintained by its owner when the horse returns home. Each horses progression is closely monitored and all horses are treated as individuals to ensure as little stress as possible.

All clients are provided with regular video/picture updates so you can see the progression of your horse.

Week 1 & 2

Horses are introduced to tack

We start off by putting on a bridle and a roller in the stable and allowing the horse time to get used to the sensation of tack. Once they are happy with the roller we introduce the saddle.

Taught to lunge

For the first few days this is done only with a bridle and cavesson, once the horse understands the lunging technique we then lunge in full tack.

Introduction of long reining

We use long reining to give the horse and understanding of steering and stopping before the rider is on board. It is also a good way to desensitize their sides and get them used to things touching them.

Rider begins to lean on horse

This is started in the stable for the safety of the horse and rider.

Week 2 & 3

Rider will get on in stable

Our rider will get on the horse in the confined space of a stable, we use this method because if the horse is unsure it is not able to bolt and cause the rider or itself harm.

Horse and rider will be lunged

Once the horse is relaxed and happy to be ridden around our large breaking stable we will then start to ride the horse on the lunge in the ménage. We start on the lunge for safety reasons and also as it is familiar to the horse.

Horse and rider will begin to work openly in the ménage.

As soon as our rider feels the horse is relaxed and has a basic understanding of what we are asking he will then ride the horse openly around the ménage getting the horses used to transitional work.

Horse and rider will be walk/trot/cantering around the ménage.

This is normally the stage where we ask clients to come and start participating within their horses education.


During the breaking process and included in the price your horse will also enjoy all the services of Full Livery.

Price - £300 + VAT per week