Rehabilitation success at Harrington Horses!

Rehabilitation success at Harrington Horses!

Alfie’s owner contacted Harrington Horses on a Sunday afternoon back in October following an accident out hacking. Once Alfie’s injuries had been described we asked his owner to bring him to us so our Registered Veterinary Nurse - Mya Goldsmith could examine him. After his initial assessment it appeared that the small 5cm laceration to the palmer surface of the right fore pastern could have damaged his tendon and he was referred to Bell Equine. Mya assisted Alfie and his owner to Bell and was present during his operation.

The operation concluded that the laceration had affected the superficial and deep digital flexor tendons. Alfie was given a guarded prognosis but his owner wanted to do all he could for Alfie as he is such a gentle giant standing at a whopping 19hh!!

Following 10 days hospitalisation at Bell Alfie returned to Harrington Horses. Here Mya followed a strict nursing care plan to ensure Alfie had the highest chances of full recovery.

We are now very glad to say that Alfie has returned home and has started riding fitness work. It gives us great pleasure to see horse and owner happy again!

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